Private Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga includes a wide ranges of components to serve your whole being. All yoga has potential therapeutic effects. Yoga therapy is the specific application of these various components of yoga customized to meet your individual needs. The purpose of yoga therapy is to combine a deep understanding of the components of yoga with the specific needs or changes you seek.

Kim has been trained as a yoga therapist, including over 500hours of learning and 100+ hours working with individuals with various conditions. She specializes in developing greater range of motion, adapting to changing physical conditions, and stress management. Sessions will include assessment of current condition and goals for change.

VIRTUAL sessions are available now for 30min ($45) or 60min ($90).

Virtual sessions can be done by computer or phone. Click the link above to schedule an available time & you will receive an email with instructions on setting up your session.

One on one session to assess your current condition and personal goals for transformation. We will use combination of yoga components – movement, breathing, sound, ritual, and meditation – adapted to meet your specific needs. You receive a personalized practice (written or audio) at the end of each session. 

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