Raindrop Massage

The raindrop massage combines the use of therapeutic grade essential oils with acupressure and gentle massage. The technique includes application of essential oils to the spine and feet. Between the application of each oil a warm, damp towel is applied to the back to help open pores and reduce skin irritation.  

Essential oils used during the Raindrop Technique:

  • Valor (blend) includes
    • Rosewood: antibacterial
    • Blue Tansy: antihistamine
    • Frankincense: lift the mood & stimulate brain
    • Spruce: anti-inflammatory
  • Thyme: antiseptic, reducing symptoms of fatigue
  • Oregano: stimulates immune system
  • Basil: muscle relaxation
  • Cypress: increases circulation, relaxes breathing
  • Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory, pain reliever
  • Marjoram: relaxes musculature, lowers blood pressure
  • Peppermint: anti-spasmodic, stimulates respiration *may not be used on sensitive skin types
  • Aroma Siez (blend) includes
    • Lavender: anti-inflammatory, relaxing
    • Basil
    • Cypress
    • Marjoram
    • Peppermint

The combination of essential oils and warm, wet heat in the Raindrop Technique can assist in reducing symptoms associated with cold and flu. The intention of this practice is to relax the body and encourage well-being on all levels.

Cost: $120

Time: 50min

Schedule HERE for a massage at the Dragonfly 360 studio.

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